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Stock Sharks main initiative is to educate members with investment ideas, financial news, providing real-time driven news, M&A coverage and critical stock and foreign exchange research. We provide day trading courses and training for beginners to experts level.

What our clients have to say

Being a new trader, I found it hard to pick stocks and develop a strategy that worked for me. After following the stock sharks Instagram page, I decide to ask to join the group chat. At first, I thought I was way in over my head but that was not the case. After just a few weeks I was able to pick up on many new techniques and learned a ton from talking to people with tons of industry experience. This decision has been the most beneficial to me because your able to bounce ideas of fellow members and have great discussions.

Austin Verner Edmonton, Canada

When I first started investing I was in over my head. I couldn't tell a bull market from a bear market and I found myself losing money on almost every trade. When a friend recommended Stock sharks to me I was skeptical at first but after joining and engaging in the group chat I was able to learn from experienced traders who had been in the same situation as me. Now after 3 months since joining Stock Sharks I've been able to make back the money I had lost thanks to the information, advice, and contacts Stock Sharks has provided me. I feel confident in my future success now thanks to the Stock Sharks community and am thankful for all the money they have made me.

Caleb Goudie Winnipeg, Canada

There are hundreds of traders on the internet who advertise making millions off penny stocks; I was one of the inexperienced who bought into this idea without realizing the risk I was taking. When I kept watching my portfolio crash almost every day as I tried to day trade pennies I figured trading wasn't for me. I came across Stock Sharks through a social media platform and joined because I wanted to learn the value of investing, understand how to use financial tools such as SEC filings, and be in a group of serious traders. The monthly newsletters have been great pieces of information that were influential in much of my portfolio building. Stock Sharks discusses everything from commodities to equities and is a great group for swing trading and long term investing. I recommend Stark Sharks to anyone who wants to be part of a group that treats trading as a job and for those who are willing to take the effort to learn and grow as a team.

Tom Spera New Jersey, USA

It was November 2017 and I had been day trading for a couple months. Prior to me joining the Stock sharks group, I was entering trades off pure gambling. No rhyme or reason to me buying certain stocks. I knew something had to change in my style of trading because my accounts were depleting by the day. Stock sharks helped me make my first few moves and after that I began to regain my confidence in trading. I really can’t thank the Stock shark community enough for giving me one on one advice from the admin as well as fellow sharks in the group chat. They made me a good chunk of money and this is only the beginning. With alerts being posted frequently I have options now, but with reasoning to buy each and every stock being alerted to us in the chat. It’s a blessing to be a part of this group and I would encourage anyone to expand their trading knowledge by becoming a part of this group. From amateurs to veterans, we can all benefit from Stock sharks and this is my personal testimony.

Marshal Gatner Michigan, USA

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